19 June 2008


Just a quick post just to let everyone know we made it to Atlanta safely without any problems. Staging is going well so far...it's a bit different than I was expecting. A lot more participatory than I thought, which is good. Tomorrow we have to go get all our shots and start taking the anti-malarial medication.

We've met a lot of great people and I believe we're fitting in pretty well, although we feel a little old at times. There are a lot of volunteers that just graduated from college, but that's to be expected.

Our flight to Dakar, Senegal is through the night on Friday and we'll arrive really early on Saturday morning. Then we'll travel by bus to Mauritania. We're getting very excited! Hope all of you are doing well and keeping busy. We hope to post again soon, but it may be a while as we will be pretty busy and may have limited Internet access after Friday.