06 August 2008


So...we haven't posted in a while because we've been pretty busy. Last weekend we went to Nouakchott for the married couples retreat and had a wonderful time. We got to stay at our country director's mansion, cook our own food (pizza, Mexican & artichoke dip), and sleep in air conditioned rooms with beds. It was AMAZING!

Now we are back in Rosso and back to our language classes/technical training sessions. Mike has started teaching at "Model School" which is basically a classroom of volunteer students who pay to come in during the summer and get taught English by the Americans (yeah, they are pretty well behaved compared to a normal classroom). Mike has taught two lessons so far, and although he was nervous, he thinks they went over pretty well. He's gotten good feedback from the other volunteers and trainers about his teaching.

I was planning to do my next blog on the trash situation in Mauritania...especially here in Rosso it is VERY bad. However, with the coup d'etat that many of you have been seeing in the news, I think most of you are more interested in hearing about our safety. We are fine. The coup has been very peaceful so far...and we are very isolated from everything too. I think the worst thing that's happened has been a couple stink bombs being released in Nouakchott (the capital city), but that's just heresay and not confirmed. We're pretty uninformed here, but we're safe with our host families, so don't worry. We also have an incredible safety and security officer here in Mauritania and he and his staff is constantly monitoring the situation for any changes.

I also want to post our new address for Nouadhibou. You can send any letters and packages here from now on because by the time they arrive (3-4 weeks) we will be there! (All the Nouadhibou PCVs share a P.O. box so that's why you have to put c/o and another person's name)

Mike & Katie Yunghans
c/o Maylen Rafuls
B.P. 1341
Nouadhibou, Mauritania
West Africa
Par Avion

As far as we know everything has arrived safely without anything missing. We've loved getting all the letters, pictures and packages. Thank you all so much! We miss you tons. Our swear-in ceremony will take place on August 28th and we should be departing for Nouadhibou on August 30th. After we move we should have a lot more access to Internet, because hopefully we'll be getting 24-hour access at our apartment...yeah! (24-hour access may be a little bit of a stretch since I've heard the service goes out frequently...but I'm sure it will be an improvement from what we have now).

We're thinking a lot about Susan and Debbie this month as they prepare for their weddings...so sorry we can't be there with you! We also hope you will keep us updated with Olympic coverage since we probably won't be able to watch it very much. (There are no Mauritanian Olympians to my knowledge and our family seems more interested in the Brazilian soap operas than sporting events.)

So...stay tuned for my next blog post on TRASH...I'll have pictures too!


karen said...

Katie and Mike, well today, for me, has been about like the first few days you were in West Africa. I've pretty much been glued to the computer watching every thing from the parents blog coming through. It has all been interesting and very reassuring. Of coourse it is always best when we hear directly from you. Most of all we appreciated the ph. call you two made to us and we called you back. I tried to contact every one I felt I needed to and have gotten some responders from that. We pray for your safety daily and also that all this does not affect you being able to go on to Nouadhibou the first of Sep. I watch the weather there and it looks pretty awsome. Now that we have a new address we will put another pkg. in the mail. Perhaps a box and an envelope to follow quickly. Remember we miss you and love you much. love to you both Mom Yunghans P.S. Mike today I vacuumed your car!!!!

danatron said...

I am so happy to hear that you guys are safe. When I heard the news yesterday morning on CNN I immediately thought of you two, and then I was emailing Adam and Andy, and listening to BBC Radio at work. Basically freaking out a little. So- it's good to hear that life is continuing as normal for you guys, and that you are getting to experience new and fun things.

Debbie said...

Katie! I am thinking of you a TON, too!! I promise to be a better correspondant after the wedding. I'm glad things are safe there. I was very concerned when I heard about the coup. I'm also glad you are excited about your assignments and can't wait to hear more!